The Project Summary
The project has been designed with the purpose to inspire and empower young people, improving their creativity,
discovering their talents, and being able to think about and implement solutions to address societal needs and, in particular, the desire 
to live in more inclusive communities where everybody can have the same opportunities. A common they want or they can do in the future, who are not aware of their possibility of actions and who hardly find closure towards the other. To this it can be added the consequence of the migration crisis which has determined in our youth with refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and IDPs backgrounds. The lack of support for these youth has and newcomers who see “the others” as “diverse” and “dangerous”. Against this background, the project aims to involve leaders/facilitators, will take part to a youth exchange in Tblisi from 23/07/2021 to the 27/07/2021 (including travelling The activities proposed during the exchange will be based on the use of Non Formal Education methodology and will 1) discover their talents, get inspired and identify challenges in their communities trying to elaborate solutions; 3) be aware of their opportunities and their potential role as youth to play as the main actors fighting discrimination and 4) identify the existence of common values such as the inclusion and the value of differences as a way to enhance their Competences achieved during the process will be recognized through the youth pass certificate, which will also be used



The activities that will be implemented are 2:
1) Advanced Planned Visit (Stockholm- 20 – 21 February 2021)
2) Youth Exchange (Tblisi 23 – 27 July 2021)
1) The APV will take place in Stockholm in February 2021 and will involve 6 participants (1 from each partner organization)
The objective of this activity is to finalize the organization of the youth exchange as a tool to address modern society challenges, 
as youth unemployment, lack of innovative initiative among young people, radicalization of behaviour and opinions, lack of motivation to participate in decision making processes. The APV will address both logistic and contents for the Youth Exchange. The participants will share insights into learning models of young people and how to use them for the well being of themselves and of the community all together. During the APV, representatives will bring with them the feedbacks collected by participants and eventual contibution they are willing to give to the project. The main outcome of the meeting will be the finalized programme of the exchange, based on the paradigm “Create, inspirate, empower” and a clear identification of the contribution to the sessions and in particular to teh workshops. 6 people will take part to the advanced planning visit (one person for each participating organization). This 6 people have already been individuated. Each of them is the person in charge to coordinate a group of volunteers to realize the tasks invidividuated for each organization. The 6 people them will be also the group leaders during the exchange and will have the role to coordinate the group as well as to deliver or managing teh delivery of the sessions of the programme. 2) The exchange activity will be carried out through sessions in which the following working methods will be used: 1.teambuilding activity, 2. working sessions group, 3. Open spaces 4. meeting with associations and meeting with experts 5. construction of networks, 6. sessions of feedback. The following methodologies and approaches will be used to achieve the objectives: – non-formal Education: the principles of which are fundamental to allow participants to develop their skills in different areas. – Experiential learning: it will give participants the opportunity to compare what they have learned with the different realities. This approach can be used during practical activities, such as learning how to use technical tools for participation, or during sport activities and not just talking about it or learning theoretical notions; –The proposed methodology will be action-oriented, allowing participants to move from the idea to its practical application, through skills that they can be used in future activities. The exchange will last for 5 days (plus two travelling days) and will give the possibility to teh participants to pass from the acquisition of competences, to the acquisition of tools to the planning phase that will allow them to implement local activities once back home. The entire group will be made of 43 participants. Each country organization will identify a team of 6 participant and each team will be accompaigned by a group leader. Italy will have 2 group leaders, in order to facilitate the training session. The young participants will be between 18 and 22 years of age. In each group, at least two out of 6 participants will be youth with fewer opportunities. In case of Sweden, participants with fewer opportunitis will be 3 and have already been identified. They are migrants living in the suburb of Stochkolm. It is possible that other people from Tblisi will be willing to join the activities. Since this represents a great opportunity for them, we will welcome them to our exchange.


The project aims to support participants to acquisre competences and tools related to:
– Communication in foreign language
– Acquisition of digital competences
– Development of Social and civic competences
– Been inspired
– Learning to learn
– Combine passion with thought
The path will allow partners to experiment the organization of an exchange based on the paradigm “Create, inspirate,
empower “, whch could be replicated in the future.
Participants will plan activities to be implemented in their communities, this way, they will multiply the results achieved.
Impact will be foreseen at a plurality of level:
–for participating organizations:
build capacity and competencies within the participating NGOs to design, prepare, manage and evaluate youth exchanges with 
the inspire-empower-create paradigm. The impact to be expected is that the participating NGOs will engage in more impactfull, more sustainable youth exchange projects allowing for all of us to reach our missions. For the participants: the impact on the participants at the youth exchange is to be strengthened to go forward in their lives to do and create, to participate and learn what they feel healthy and good for themselves. We want to make community experiences possible while being engaged in hobby or learning field that inspires one self. Participants of the youth exchange should furthermore be familiar with the idea of social diplomacy/global citizen issues and what it means to be a possible role model for united living. They will experience and reflect on the value of differences and we expect that they will bring this perspective to their everyday life, contributing to more inclusive society. Other target groups on which an impact is expected will be: • Young people linked to the participants who will learn about the project through the stories of their “friends”; • The young people from Tblisi where the project will take place that will be able to directly join the experience and decide to get involved; • The community where the project will take place, thanks to the meetings with the participants and the sharing of moments such as intercultural evening and presentation event; • Local associations in Georgia which will be invited by CIA to join some parts of the exchange; • The online community that will be reached through the internet and that will have the opportunity to learn about theproject themes and the experience of mobility through the voice of the participants and in their own language.

youth in action


Project Title: Inspire, Create and Empower

Start: 30-09-2020
End: 30-10-2021

Funded by

Swedish National Agency via EU Erasmus+ Program

Project Partners

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