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Our Mission lies in improving the quality of life of youth and promotes their integration and active participation in all spheres of European society. Enhancing civic participation and empowering immigrants and refugees in Europe is one of the key strategic roles of ADEVA. Our organization engages in activities that promote cultural education for both immigrants and refugees. Moreover, our aim lies in contributing to Africa’s sustainable, social and economic development through harnessing the huge potential will of both African-Europeans and African Diaspora. ADEVA realizes the importance of African Diaspora in creating a positive socio-economic change in Africa. We believe that building bridges between Africa and Europe shall help stimulate economic activities along with enhancing the exchange of knowledge and culture. We encourage and engage all African-Europeans in the Diaspora in the building of a better future for the African continent. ADEVA is convinced that Africans have to take responsibility for their political and economic fortunes and as such we will provide the platform for innovative ideas with which to craft responsible policies for the sustainable development of Africa.


Our vision aims to have greater involvement in Africa’s development and gain wider recognition for the various ways in which we contribute to Africa’s sustainable social and economic development, in both Europe and Africa.

The ADEVA´s vision is composed of two parts

Europe component:

  • Inspiring and promoting positive vision and civic engagement among immigrant youth
  •  Building a strong community, participatory and accountable demonstrating its leadership in Europe
  •  Creating a wide network of mutual aid and solidarity to the youth, enabling them to take their place in the European society·      
  • Building a social framework working towards the development of youth in Europe

Africa component:

  •  Creating greater awareness of Africa’s development issues
  • Actively engaging in Africa’s development
  • Forging stronger connections with local development organizations in Africa
  • Increasing collaboration with other African Diaspora in development and mainstreaming to the international development organizations
  • Establishing win-win partnerships with international organizations related to the ADEVA’s mission and vision
  • Working for the recognition of good cultural and traditional practices in Africa that encourage the development and the benefit for all
  •  Strengthening European humanitarian missions in Africa
  • Educating Africans on various themes related to the environment and climate change, as well as all other global issues

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