The Project Summary
Social entrepreneurship is an important and effective way of enhancing social participation, inclusion and integration of socially marginalized young people in our communities. Social entrepreneurship provides the incentive for young people to become empowered and strive to look for innovative solutions to some of the challenges they face in their communities. Becoming innovative and developing entrepreneurial skills inspires and exhilarates disadvantaged young people to become more active, empowered, creative solution seekers and problem solvers. 

On the other hand, lack of entrepreneurial skills and social innovations has led to further marginalization and social exclusion of young people with minority backgrounds in many communities in Europe. This has led to various social ills including high unemployment, criminality and insecurity. The untapped entrepreneurial potential in some communities and among some young people is a great waste that should not be further tolerated. To unleash entrepreneurial potential of these marginalized youth is critical to remove the existing obstacles in their lives and to add variety to the culture of entrepreneurship in Europe. It is palpable that the entrepreneurial potential of all young people in Europe utilized to the greatest extent. 

In this regard, Migrafrica is organizing a one week training seminar in Bonn, Germany that will develop the skills and build the capacities of African Diaspora youth in Europe to enhance their social entrepreneurial potential and promote their social participation. The training course focuses on the current youth problem by characterizing the weak growth and development of entrepreneurial skills among immigrant youth and encourage and empowers these young people to entrepreneur, innovate and take more responsibility to design and implement sustainable social projects for disadvantaged young people in their communities. 

The broader objectives of the training course are; 
• To learn more about the relationship between entrepreneurship and individual stability and sustainable development; 
• To increase knowledge about social responsibility, integration, equal opportunities, social entrepreneurship in Europe Youth cooperation context; 
• To empower young people and build their capacities in undertaking successful social projects and exchange ideas regarding projects management ; 
• To increase their knowledge about inter-cultural understanding and communication. 
• To build capacities of participants to make them capable of working out their own idea for a small-scale Europe youth cooperation projects; 
The project’s aim include; 
– Enhance the interest of participants in development and cooperation work and in social projects in their communities and to stimulate young people to become active and participative citizens as well as social entrepreneurs. 
– Introduce the context of the social entrepreneurship within youth emancipation and youth participation. 

The workshop will invite 24 young people between the age of 20 and 30 with immigrant background from Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, Sweden, Finland and Ireland to train themselves and learn up-to-date innovative tools and skills for social entrepreneurship. The project includes two activities. The preparatory meeting and a one week training workshop. The methods used in the training workshop are non-formal learning methods, participatory, interactive exercises, role playings, games and simulations. The expected results of the workshop are empowering participants to take on innovative social projects in their communities. The project will create the space for these social entrepreneurs to build their capacities in undertaking social projects to support and assist disadvantaged young people in their communities. The follow up projects will ensure the sustainability of the project and the discrimination/multiplication of the knowledge acquired during the training sessions. 

In a more broader sense, 
– The project will contribute towards empowering young people to become more active and participatory in their communities. 
– It will promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities 
– It will contribute towards reducing youth unemployment in our target group. 
– It will contribute in strengthening Africa/Europe youth relations and the role of our target group in strengthening these relations. 
– It will promote cultural diversity in our target group and the opportunity to learn from different cultures  
– It will promote tolerance and understanding the position of others and learn the skills to work in multi-cultural environments. 
– It will promote innovative social projects by members of our target group to improve their own communities (self-organization and self-initiative) 
– The project will also contribute towards building Europe wide networks of people facing similar realities.

Learning Mobility of Individuals - Youth mobility

6 Participating countries:


Project Title: Youth Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Social Inclusion

Start: 01-08-2015
End: 31-10-2015

Funded by

German National Agency via EU Erasmus+ Program

Project Partners

-ADEVA ( Sweden )
- PRSD ( Portugal )
- UYI ( Ireland )
- IOCSC ( Cyprus )

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