The Project Summary


Today, young people across Europe are facing diverse challenges and quality youth work, equipped with right skills can serve as a catalyst for youth empowerment, especially those with fewer opportunities. 
This project aims to support professional development of the current active youth leaders and youth workers in the field today, to enhance their skills and competence in the field of educational guidance and mentorship needed by young students. 

Participating organizations in the project have identified many of the youth in their communities are facing challenges causing them to drop out schools, colleges and universities. Our initial need assessment concluded that many students don’t have clear education and career path, others enrolled into a wrong courses just for the preferences of their peers and later dropped out of the course and sometimes the education altogether. They need guidance support and mentorship to help them stay in the right educational path/course that is more relevant to their ability and ambitions. 

This made the challenge even harder on the youth from migrant communities with fewer opportunities to sustain on the education path hey often enrolled to without deep thought, consultation or guidance. They face similar challenges to break though the job market as well after they finish (if they ever complete the study). This project will increase current youth worker and youth organizations’ capacity to offer educational guidance and mentorship needed by young students. 

Youth worker mobility training bringing together 28 active youth workers and youth leaders from Sweden, Latvia, Turkey, Norway, Italy, Netherland, Bosnia, Denmark and Ireland. 


Participants are active youth workers who have already built working relationship with the young people in their respective communities and such knowledge and skills would be great added value in their daily work and will allow them to be more Impactful. 

During the workshop, participants will have opportunity to analyse the similarities, differences as well as the challenges between different communities in difference countries and participating organizations, offering best practice sharing to map out workable solutions. 

The training course expected to produce youth workers that are more prepared and better equipped to support and guide youth in their daily straggle using non-formal techniques and tools they will gain during this training. The course will offer current youth workers, youth leaders and mentors with the relevant updates, techniques and tools they need to be more effective in their field to better support and mentor young students. 

This project will increase the quality of youth work and will give current youth workers the right skills to act as mentors and providers of youth empowerment, especially those with fewer opportunities. 
The project will also enhance into the international dimension of youth activities by promoting youth mobility and cooperation between youth organizations across Europe, hence, contributing into EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 in bringing youth closer to the EU. 

Furthermore, and due to the wide geographical and cultural difference among participating organisations, we expect the training to spark synergy and will offer an opportunity for best practices sharing and possibility to develop future collaborations between partners. 

The project will allow 28 experienced youth workers the opportunity of gathering to share innovative best practices in youth work from their daily realities in their own respective communities and countries. We believe after its’ conclusion; this training course has the potential to trigger a ripple impact to the wider community and will contribute toward building society with less disparity and social gaps. 
Learning Mobility of Individuals - Youth mobility
9 Participating countries:


Project Title: Education Path as a Bridge to Better Future

Start: 01-08-2020

End: 31-12-2021

Funded by

Irish National Agency via Erasmus+ Program, EU

Project Partners

- ADEVA ( Sweden )
- HORUSOCOD ( Norway )
- YOICD (Bosnia) 
- IFTIN ( Netherlands )
- RASIOP ( Latvia )
- KGO (Turkey )
- GTMGG ( Italy )
- SAHAN TV ( Denmark )

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