The Project Summary

This project “The collective youth responsibility – The path of intercultural learning for social responses” meets the needs and objectives in social responses that 32 youth workers participants can give to the society where they live and in their organizations as well as the community of immigrants in their countries of residence, through the collective responsibility and intercultural knowledge and skills acquired in this training mobility project, which consequently also increases the sense of social responsibility on the part of their organizations and the institutions from Sweden, Finland, Ireland and Portugal. 

The action of the project underpin the purposes of knowledge, intervention, information, awareness-raising, minimization of risks and harm reduction associated with recreation contexts of social exclusion of unemployed youth workers, seeking to contribute to the social contexts that are truly inclusive and for more complicated situations associated with the exclusion of youth workers in disadvantages situation, are reduced to the lowest possible number. 

“The collective youth responsibility – The path of intercultural learning for social responses” project is an important opportunity to provide management concept, to improve immigrants youth workers knowledge, skills, access of labor market, enlarge social competencies, to give necessary tools to find proper understanding of immigrants issues, mobility, to find motivation to be a keys actors of sustainable development where they live and the way to improve the youth social responses. It will be developed in 2 stages where where the first mobility in Stockholm/Sweden from 6th to 10th of March 2016 and the second mobility in Helsinki/Finland from 16th to 20th of May 2016 and the evaluation, dissemination and exploitation of results June 2016. 

In this mobility project we aims to improve the competencies of african youth workers with intention to provide social responses to the full inclusion of african community based in Europe. We defined as specific objectives, to discuss and develop the quality criteria for youth workers and their contribution to youth organization’s needs, realities and it’s impacts on own communities, to develop essential skills to work with multicultural and intercultural youth workers groups (e.g. leadership, team work, group dynamics, communication, programme design, evaluation and follow-up) assuring quality criteria in all aspects of youth workers participation and cooperation, to increase the involvement of local communities in the development in order to enhance the impact of social inclusion of youth workers with few opportunities in our communities, to increase the availability among youth workers to work in the social inclusion, within local communities involving young people in their actions and to increase the youth workers participant’s motivation to introduce into social responsibility and intercultural learning by creating conditions to support them to engage other youth to provide collective youth responsibility. 

We expected to have impact on increasing human and development values to work for benefits of immigrants participation and have more social responsibility and intercultural skills, doing social transformation and the strengthening of the autonomy and the participation of partner organizations, which in some ways is very needy and without access to social goods and creating of the social project as part of the process of social development, contributing to the reversal of the inequality, the achievement of equitable relationships, it takes knowledge to youth workers and includes in its activities so that everyone wins. We focus our results on actions of youth workers, which can bring positive social transformation for african communities and increase the youth workers capacity to work and provide key tools for immigrants integration, intercultural learning and social cohesion. 

In a long term perspectives, will potentially benefits in increasing values of collective youth responsibility and intercultural skills for community development among immigrants community based in partners countries, supporting for youth immigrants workers in order to achieve reasonable minimum living conditions and their possible application in practical life and create space for youth workers and organizations share and build joint projects for the benefits of immigrants with few opportunities. 

erasmus+ KA1
Learning Mobility of Individuals - Youth mobility

4 Participating countries:


Project Title: The Collective Youth Responsibility – The Path of Intercultural Learning for Social Responses

Start: 01-02-2016
End: 30-06-2016

Funded by

Swedish National Agency via EU Erasmus+ Program

Project Partners

-PRSD ( Portugal )
- PUNTLAND C. RY(Finland)
- UYI ( Ireland)

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