The Project Summary


By implementing this project, our aim is to improve the quality of youth work within organisations working with migrants youths by using creative and participatory methodologies to be able to facilitate their integration and inclusion in the society they live and to put forward an approach of facilitating intercultural dialogue in youth work that will be relevant and useful for ourselves and our partner organisations to allow integration and inclusion of diaspora youths in all aspect of life in partner countries, but also to influence and strengthen Europe wide integration strategy. . 

This project was developed as a result of similar identified needs of project partners working also with vulnerable young people such as refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. They all need to increase the quality of their learning activities in order to reach long term impact through promoting tolerance and preventing violent radicalization and hate speech, improving intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, promoting diversity, common values of freedom, respect of human rights, all priority directions for the youth sector within Erasmus+. A way to do that is to equip the youth workers with specific intercultural competences in integration and inclusion and also enhance the cooperation between their organisations and other stakeholders. 

The project has four specific objectives to be reached: 
1. Develop the capacity of 24 youth workers from 6 organizations from Slovenia, Belgium, Spain, Cyprus, Sweden and Ireland to adapt and use creative and participatory skills and methodologies for effective design and implementation of integration and inclusion activities for young people, in 11 months. 
2. Enhance the effective participatory learning and action for at least 1 learning activity for youth in each of the 6 partner organization over a 2 months period following the first mobility, the training course. 
3. Support the exchange of experience and good practices in the field of participatory ways of inclusion and 
4. How to develop policy collectively to influence decisions at national and European levels engaging the 6 partner organizations


The project will have four activities: 
1. A four-day capacity development training for 24 youth workers, 4 from each of the 6 organisations to be held at Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Glencree, Ireland for Activity A1 at 4 days (6th to 9th July 2020) 
2. Piloting of the learnings in project partners respective countries within 7 weeks (13th July to 31st August). During the 6 pilot participatory inclusion and integration activities, there will be approximately 120 youth beneficiaries, approximately 20 youths per each intervention. 
3. An exchange to share the learnings of the training and learn how to develop policies on integration and inclusion to inform national and regional decisions happening at Murska Sobota, Slovenia (TBC), at 3 days from 01st to 3rd September 2020) for activity A2 with 24 youth workers. 
4. Policy dialogue in Belgium (venues TBC), meeting with the policymakers (members of European Parliament, Home Affairs at the European Commission and present to them the policy document designed by youth workers and meet with the two prominent Non-Governmental Organisations (European Network Against Racism ENAR and African Europe Diaspora Development Platform) that work on integration and inclusion policies and the older generation of the Diaspora for discussion on integration and inclusion they would have experienced for two days from 6th to 7th October 2020 for activity A3 with 12 youth workers.


The project will be a combination of participatory and experiential learning tools on intercultural dialogue, inclusion and integration to youth workers from a diverse background who are struggling with the growing number of diaspora youths to engage them in their integration and all aspect of life in their communities.  

The pilot activities will be test moment for the youth workers to put into practice what they have learned during the four days intensive training programme and this will be presented at a seminar with their peers as a reflection and to acquire news techniques from each other. 

This project will be a great opportunity for the participants to share their learnings during the training, develop policies on integration and inclusion informing national, regional and international decisions on integration of diasporas in European countries. Most importantly, it will build their confidence meeting with members of the European Parliament, Home Affairs officials at the European Commission and Non-Governmental Organisations that are working on integration and inclusion to present to all these people their policy document on how they want to see integration and inclusion happening in Europe. 

This is also a project that will allow the partners to further develop their relationship to a strategic partnership and seek support from the European Commission to engage in more development activities in the near future either in capacity development for our communities, engage in policy development to make our Europe a much better place to live but also contribute to the fulfilment Europe’s international obligations to the outside world as European citizens.

erasmus+ KA1
Learning Mobility of Individuals - Youth mobility

6 Participating countries:


Project Title: Have Your Say on Integration and Inclusion

Start: 01-02-2020
End: 31-07-2021

Funded by

Irish National Agency via EU Erasmus+ Program

Project Partners

- ADEVA ( Sweden )
- IAS ( Slovenia )
- CASC ( Spain )
- ARRC ( Cyprus )
- SHIFT & TWIST ( Belgium )

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